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Live Succulent Arrangement in a Coconut Shell

Live Succulent Arrangement in a Coconut Shell

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Handcrafted succulent arrangement with blooming kalanchoe planted in a Japanese moss ball (kokedama) and nested in a handcrafted coconut shell pot. Easy to care house plan with once a week watering.

Three Different Varieties Kalanchoe Succulent potted in a moss ball
Coconut shell
Spanish moss
Driftwood base plaque

Plant Care:
Light : You can place your terrarium indoors our outdoors. Pick a bright location near a window or artificial light and try not to change. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Water: Pick up the moss ball and feel the weight and texture. If it is light and completely dry, place it in a bowl of clean water for 5-10 min. Allow the excess water to drain before putting it back into position. Do not water your terrarium, if it is heavy and damp.
Fertilizer : Not necessary



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