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Premium Succulent Arrangement | Unique Handmade Potted Plant Gifts

Premium Succulent Arrangement | Unique Handmade Potted Plant Gifts

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Premium Succulent Arrangement in Coconut Shells  - Unique Handmade Potted Plant Gifts for Every Occasion - Housewarming Gift - Birthday Gif - Client Gift - Coworker Gift - Gift for Mom & Daughter 

This four plant succulent arrangement includes:

Haworthiopsis attenuata 'Concolor'
Kalanchoe Tomentosa (Panda Plant)
Kalanchoe marnieriana , Kalanchoe panamensis
Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss)
Finished Half Coconut Shell
Natural Oak Base Plaque

Approximate size: 5 x 5 x 5 in

This unique terrarium has four plants:  Haworthia 'Concolor' ,Kalanchoe Tomentosa, Kalanchoe marnieriana & Spanish Moss. Every part of it is handcrafted from the beginning to the end. It will add the perfect decorative touch to your house, office, or patio.  Kokedama is a centuries-old garden form, and it's making a comeback. This Japanese bonsai variety thrives indoors and makes a great hanging accent.  It can grow in the same moss ball for many years. 

Terrarium Care:

Light :  You can place your terrarium indoors our outdoors. Pick a bright location near a window or artificial light and try not to change.  Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Water: Pick up the kokedama and feel the weight and texture. If it is light and completely dry, place it in a bowl of clean water for 5-10 min. Allow the excess water to drain before putting it back into position. Do not water your terrarium, if it is heavy and damp. 
Fertilizer : Not necessary



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