Echeveria Recognition

Echeveria (ek-uh-VAIR-ee-uh) are popular rose-shaped soft succulents with a remarkable pastel color palette. Some varieties can grow to the size of a dinner plate and their pearlescent tones make them stunning focal points for potted arrangements, rock gardens, favors, décor, and much more. The rich diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes of Echeveria make them great additions to any project or event.

  • Colors: Echeveria show a wide variety of pastel pinks, purples, blues, and greens and can be two-toned or have contrasting leaf tips. The color of a single plant is variable, with more vibrant colors appearing when the plant receives more light.
  • Foliage: Leaves can be velvety, fuzzy, smooth, or crinkly and are often coated with a powdery layer of natural wax that gives them a soft, glaucous look. Their thick, fleshy leaves store water and sustain the plant through periods of drought.
  • Flowers: Each summer a rosette can send up a tall bloom stalk, from which dangle attractive, bell-shaped flowers of yellow, orange, or pink. The full bloom cycle can last for several weeks and attract migrating butterflies.
Ghost Echeveria (Echeveria lilacina)

Ghost Echeveria
Ghost echeveria is an elegant species characterized by silvery-gray, spoon-shaped leaves. It does best in part shade because the delicate leaves can easily burn if exposed to too much direct sun, especially in hot climates. During the cooler months, ghost echeveria can take on a more lilac hue. 


Painted Echeveria (Echeveria nodulosa)

Painted Echeveria
Echeveria nodulosa, commonly known as painted echeveria, is an unusual-looking echeveria distinguished by green leaves with vertical red stripes 





Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy'
Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy'

'Topsy Turvy' is another unusual-looking succulent, featuring spoon-shaped, blue-green leaves that roll downward along their length, giving them a curved appearance. Thanks to its unique appearance and growing requirements, this cultivar won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the United Kingdom's Royal Horticultural Society. 

Echeveria 'Morning Beauty'


Echeveria 'Morning Beauty'
Lovely pale blue rosette with slight touches of pink to lilac on its leaf margins. A thick coating of farina helps the rosette tolerate full sun while also giving it a soft, powdery look.




Echeveria 'Blue Prince'

Echeveria 'Blue Prince'

Glaucous blue-green rosette that can flush pink when grown in bright sunlight. The leaves have a powdery coating of natural wax called farina. Bright light also helps the rosette maintain its full, compact look. This cultivar sends up a tall bloom stalk with several star-shaped, red to pink flowers.


Mexican Snowball (Echeveria elegans)Mexican Snowball (Echeveria elegans)  A truly elegant rosette with rounded, cupped leaves. It is an easy-to-grow species and can develop into impressive clusters. The leaves are covered in a powdery wax called farina that protects them in full sun and gives a nice, matte finish. Full sun can also cause the rosette to blush pink. It blooms spring to summer with small, yellow and pink flowers on a tall bloom stalk.
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